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Deborah Baker - Cryptogram







Cryptogram is a loosely descriptive title for Baker's newest embroidery show. Baker is often trying to "solve" her own thoughts by doing and working through artwork in this way. She mostly uses the rebus as a device, which is a combination of words, letters, and imagery to make another word, statement or phrase. She often starts out with a title, and then uses word association to flesh out her simple narrative. She's consistently compulsive and sorts thoughts into a simple visual code. Translation for the piece Scissors, goes something like this, in her head anyway.... "a tool of the trade, symbol for cutting, editing. Editing things from my life, paper dolls, silhouettes, toys from childhood, dancers in a line, all the same, removing, literally.... cut and paste".

This past year Baker's artwork was used in the production design for the locally filmed Ron Howard film, The Dilemma.