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Diem Chau


















Coming off the heels of a successful exhibition in Milan, artist and blogger Diem Chau joins us for her second solo with the gallery. Very well known for both her carvings and her fine-line embroideries, Chau always inspires with thoughtful and straightforward stories and ideas. Diem will be pairing a carved letter crayon with a carved image crayon utilizing the whole alphabet. Using the blocky and rectangular carpenter's pencil, she has a small but thick shaft of graphite from which to carve. Working on a series entitled "The Vanishing", Chau addresses issues of extinction by carving various animals none larger than one inchBelow is her current artist statement.

"I started my carving in 2005 when I was doing research into folk art and Hobo Art. Hoboes were regarded as traveling laborers with a variety of skills; they often made whimsical carvings with whatever they had at hand. The artwork was simple and heartfelt. I fell in love with its genuine nature; the work is unassuming and approachable, but too often underappreciated. Much like the hoboes of the past, I come from a humble background, our resources were few but our stories are great. I really embrace the idea that art is for all and to reflect this philosophy the mediums I've chosen to use are objects from everyday life."