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Robert Horvath's fifth solo show at Packer Schopf expands his vision with work in a new medium. While continuing to paint organic and geometric light abstractions, and also harkening back to the early portraiture, the new body of slip-cast glazed porcelain sculpture adds to the complex oeuvre. Porcelain is used for both functional and sculptural forms. In Horvath's hands the refined clay is used for exquisite detail and fired to a high polish, treated with brilliant glazes with reflective luster, matching his nuanced color sensibility. Essentially, it's a perfect material in which to realize his vision in three dimensions. The creation and fabrication signifies the next step of the development of Horvath's vision. Through ceramics and painting, two very traditional artistic forms, he addresses consumption and decadence. Though not always obvious, the seductive aspects of all his work manifest visually theidea of desire. The new medium also marks an important turning point in his practice - where the sculptural forms will be made as works of art in their own right without being created as models for the paintings.