November 19 - January 8, 2005
Open House/ Into the Woods

Lisa Krivacka (Gallery One)










Lisa Krivacka's second solo show at Aron Packer Gallery will present two separate yet related bodies of work. These are autobiographical for her. With the recent sale of her Manhattan apartment, leaving NYC, and the purchase of new digs in upstate NY, Krivacka focuses a creative outpouring from two sides of herself, one concept driven and ironic - the other, folksy and nostalgic.

OPEN HOUSE explores the surreal world of the real estate hunt. This infinite subculture and the lexicon surrounding it informed these paintings based on actual real estate ads. The properties were culled from Internet sites and from real estate magazines found at train stations and convenience stores. When Krivacka was perusing the listings -- she was able to decipher "code phrases" commonly used in real estate. The phrases were humorous and ironic when paired with the visuals of the properties.

These paintings capture the earnestness of the listings and point to their humor without poking fun; rather, they celebrate the anything-goes tradition of American-style hucksterism-- the false promises, boasts, and half-truths. And though the ads are at times amusing and entertaining, one cannot forget these were and will be homes where we live. Krivacka's art lovingly hints at this awareness -- there is a difference between simple property and a home.

Continuing her exploration about sense of place relating to the home and its larger environs, Into the Woods explores aspects of her new rural life. Like the Hudson River Valley painters of the 19th century, Krivacka is fascinated by the views and culture of her new home in Germantown, New York, a small rural community two hours north of New York City. The landscape is vast and daunting and there is menace implicit in the dark woods. This change of scenery, from sixteen years of city dwelling, to country quiet and isolation provides more than a wealth of subject matter.

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