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lorraine peltz  - dazzling and bright







In Dazzling and Bright Lorraine Peltz presents a vivacious array of work using imagery culled from personal history and the contemporary moment. Her paintings of chandeliers, flowers, and painterly events reference both past and present and provide a profound and evocative visual and sensory experience about the nature of private identity and public persona. For Peltz the chandelier conjures a remembered culture and her patterned flowers and decorative flourishes suggest the contemporary. As Maria Porges recently wrote about the work, these "shamelessly beautiful paintings of ghostly, graceful chandeliers feature some particularly baroque-looking versions of these glittering fixtures. In her pictures, they float in an unmediated, unidentifiable space, or from so close that they all but fill the frame. Peltz has been described as a painter of pleasure—a description that seems apt not only in terms of the visual enjoyment provided by her canvases, but in the way in which her subject matter suggests the celebration of some significant event. Gazing at these paintings, we realize that we should stop and smell the flowers, even, dance to the music that is playing, somewhere nearby, underneath a gleaming chandelier."

Peltz has exhibited her work in museums and galleries nationally and internationally including at Galerie Piltzer, Paris, the Rockford Art Museum, the Herbert Johnson Museum at Cornell University, the Elmhurst Art Museum, Incorniciarte Gallery, Verona, Italy, and in Chicago at the Hyde Park Art Center, Deson-Saunders Gallery, NAME Gallery, Randolph Street Gallery, Carrie Secrist Gallery, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, and the Renaissance Society. Her work has been reviewed in Art in America, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun Times, Favorpill.com, ArtSlant.com, among others. Peltz was born in Brooklyn, NY and received her MFA from the University of Chicago and her BFA from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She lives and works in Chicago and teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.