Photo by Mariah Karson

Pop Pulp! Aron Packer Projects at Firecat Projects
WTTW interview

Hello! We had a great opening last Friday night! I can't express how fun and lively this show is... each work seems better and weirder than the last. And there are more than 100 of them! This is definitely a more-is-more situation. The show has a very short run so stop in before it's gone!

Show hours are below. We will be open late (til 8 pm) on the next two Thursday nights and also be here on Saturday the 13th for a mid-show reception... a perfect time to visit. The owners of the collection will be present too so should it be insightful. Additionally, I had the privilege of interviewing with Jay Shefsky from WTTW about the show and my new job at Toomey & Co Auctioneers. Check it out here.

A big thanks to Mariah Karson for the photography here!

Show hours

Week of the 8th
Tuesday 9th 10 – 4
Wednesday 10th 10 – 4
Thursday 11th 10 – 8
Friday 12th 10 – 4
Saturday 13th 10 – 4 (Midshow reception 12 – 3)

Week of the 15th
Monday 15th 10 – 4
Tuesday 16th 10 – 4
Wednesday 17th 10 – 4
Thursday 18th 10 – 8
Friday 19th 10 – 4 (last day of the show)

Photo by Mariah Karson

Aron Packer Projects at Firecat Projects, Chicago
Pop Pulp / Mexican Pulp Illustration from the Haas Roche Collection
2124 N. Damen Ave
Mid Show Reception - Saturday, April 13th, 12PM to 3PM
Closes April 19, 2019

Comic and Novella covers needed to grab a customer's attention in a quick second at a checkout counter. Easily done with the use of garish color, over the top sexuality, and suggested violence, one would be compelled to buy these myriad serial stories of mystery, suspense, and more... once hooked you'd hopefully buy every week. Writers and illustrators were constantly grinding out "stories" on a deadline schedule and this tradition continues to this day... these little comic books can still be purchased at Mexican grocery stores and bodegas, all across the United States and the Americas. The works in the exhibition are from the early 1970's, executed with gouache on illustration board and are what we perceive were the glory days of these unknown and underrated artists.

Photo by Mariah Karson

Aron Packer Projects

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