Catherine Jacobi The Decorated, 2017 || WWI panoramic unit photo, millinery plumes, wood, thumb tacks, paint

Hello... please join us Saturday, March 10th, 3–6 PM for a Reading Event with Reception
Reading starts promptly at 3. Reception starts about 4:30.

An Afternoon with Writing Group / Things of this World
Aron Packer Projects at Chicago Gallery News / 213 W Institute Place, #309 (3rd floor)

Catherine Jacobi / Things of This World / new altered found object work
Art Exhibition extended through March 24th

Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Saturday 11 to 4 pm
Weekdays call first 312.649.0064 / Ring directory #006

Catherine's show is the perfect visual backdrop for this event. This show is influenced by poet Richard Wilbur's comments about poetry. In this work, everyday objects from the simplest and most overlooked places reference basic human nature and anatomy. Years of collected newspapers, photos, kitchen tables and chairs, outboard propellers, and baby shoes, all bound to be discarded or at the very least dismissed, leverage the "something new."

Founded in 2014, Writing Group is a collective of Chicago-based women, trans+, and gender nonconforming people who write. Running roughly three months, each cycle of Writing Group rotates leadership and changes structurally with members typically workshopping every other week. In the past, Writing Group has held culminating events at Roman Susan and ECO Collective. Our wrangler is Heather McShane / MFA Creative Writing / SAIC.

Heather McShane's recent works include a Meekling Press-published fictional narrative of unexpected encounters called No Home but Everywhere and an interactive zine of drawings and sounds called Funeral Flowers, co-created with her partner Ryan T Dunn. Other shorter works of hers can be found in Alice Blue, Eleven Eleven, Entropy, Long Day Press Journal 2, and pioneertown.

Laurel Forest Foglia is a writer, editor, and educator. Currently based in Chicago, she works as a writing tutor and instructor at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Instituto del Progreso Latino, and Malcolm X College. Laurel is also working toward a birth and postpartum doula certification through DONA International. Laurel earned a BA in Literary Arts from Brown University and an MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is a founding member of Writing Group.

CharLee is a writer, stargazer, and community volunteer. She holds a BFA from Southern Illinois University, completed the Comedic Writing Program at the Second City Training Center, and googled the specifics of how to become the next Stephen Hawking. FYI, it is not possible. When she isn't waiting for signal clearance on Chicago's various 'L' trains, she can be found fostering kittens and perfecting her best Carl Sagan impersonation.

Dao Nguyen is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist. She choreographs thought experiments, play apparatuses, obstacle courses, and transformation rituals. A score becomes a map is a situation where objects, actions, and bodies encounter philosophical questions concerning representation, systems, and relations. Her name is a homophone for the Vietnamese word for knife. She is the compact, red Leatherman multi-tool your aunt gave you for Christmas ten years ago. On sale at Marshall's. Versatility and hidden strength in a small package at a discount. Stealthy enough to pass through security checkpoints on three continents on four separate occasions. She can cut, screw, file, saw, and open your beer. Bonus applications include carving miniature graphite figurines, picking locks, and sculpting tofu.

Dawn Tefft's poems appear in Fence, Denver Quarterly, and Witness, among other journals. Her chapbooks include Fist (Dancing Girl Press), The Walking Dead: A Lyric (Finishing Line Press), and Field Trip to My Mother and Other Exotic Locations (Mudlark). Her nonfiction has been published in Truthout, PopMatters, Jacobin, and Woodland Pattern's blog. She recently published her first fiction piece in pioneertown. She holds a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and works as a higher ed union organizer.

Chelsea Fiddyment is a language artist investigating the relationship between form and content in narrative fiction through text, performance, book objects, installation art, and publication platforms. She is also a classically trained vocalist. Her work has been featured in galleries, house shows, arts anthologies, an unmarked 6am bar, and a U-Haul storage facility. After building her own experience in Chicago's literary event scene, Fiddyment created and hosts Unreal, a fiction-focused, experimental open mic at Schubas Tavern on the third Tuesday of each month.

Natasha Mijares is an artist, writer, curator, and educator. She received her MFA in Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has exhibited at MECA International Art Fair in Puerto Rico, Sullivan Galleries, TCC Chicago, and Locust Projects. She has been published in Container, Calamity, Vinyl Poetry, Bear Review, and has work forthcoming from Hypertext Magazine.

Aron Packer Projects    213 W Institute Place # 309 Chicago, IL 60610

Contact Aron Packer at     Phone: 773.458.3150