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Welcome to Winter / Artist Talks

Andréa Stanislav Lauren Levato

Hi everyone... Welcome to winter!

Lauren Levato and Andréa Stanislav are giving an artist's talk on Saturday, February 9, at 1 and 2 PM respectively...and after we'll have some prosecco, hot cider and cookies or somethin'.

Bruce Riley

Lauren's chat is at 1 PM. She is a fantastic speaker, has a great aura about her bad-self, and will have great stories about her work, and her wardrobe!

And...If you want to know what the disparate materials of glitter, resin, and taxidermy have to do with the imagery of black roses, mirrored obelisks, upside down coyotes and super novas ... You'll want to stick around for Andréa Stanislav's talk at 2 PM.

(Please RSVP to [email protected] if you think you will be attending the talks.)

Current shows online now .....

Lauren Levato - refined and discreet pencil drawings with self-portrait as metaphor for narrative. I love the soft touch of the pencil in the face. The fine touch is there also for the body, which holds an idea or personage within the belly or on the body...

Andréa Stanislav - expansive show with multifacted ideas about the maze we all literally live in... and how the world is becoming homogenized no matter where you are....The dog balancing or biting at the heals of art history is a great read, and there are many more works to be mentally dissected in this her second solo show.

Deborah Baker
Deborah Baker - I love Deborah's work. She has a great sensibility for making imagery fun, folky, and funky. This time out she has outdone herself with Zodiac, and the show is just right. We've sold a few pieces... but come in and get your honey one of their signs. She'll even make another variation if the one you want is gone. These have Valentine's Day written all over them.

Bruce Riley - taking the opposite micro view which is across from Andrea's work....the east side of the room literally explodes with color.... The resin almost magnifies morphing and undulating organic forms...and the layers upon layers of color animate these paintings intensely. These pieces really POP! Take the green line and come and see us..... Morgan Stop. Parking good late afternoon and Saturdays. That's all for now. Best, Aron

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