Margie Criner

Happy New Year my friends!

Very excited about my first show of 2020! Working with 2 great friends and colleagues. This is my second show with Bert Green at his space on Michigan Ave, although we have been working together for years. And this is my first show with Margie Criner. Think of her work like a modernist Thorne room exhibition, except the work is much smaller; It's miniature sculpture within small sculpture, in an intimate project space. The kismet is pretty perfect, if we don't say so ourselves. The Art Institute is right down the block.

Margie Criner works on multiple levels. The sculptural housings are straightforward and elegant. She then places something in each piece that actually confounds you, and you really question what you are looking at, which you didn't set out to do in the first place. You just thought you'd have a look. First, one is seduced by the warmth. The colors used on the outside layer of her sculpture are earth tones: browns, tans, charcoal grays, with specks of black and off white. Criner utilizes industrial wool for layering up shapes. She uses only hardwoods, mostly cut-offs from her friends in the guitar building industry in Chicago. These are all-natural finishes of many hues, shapes and sizes. The outside shape then takes over. Often organic, she uses the hornet's nest as a topographic template. It can be a changed to a stylized cityscape or skyline. Or sometimes it's more architectural, using classics like suggested geodesic domes, or prairie school horizontals. The work is seductive as it is. Easily handsome. You might be satisfied with the case that holds the story. But there is more in the viewfinder...

Now I won't say much more here, as it's sort of like telling who the murderer was in a thriller. I will say that wonder is contained in the art that Margie Criner creates. It's a secret ingredient. Her work brings you back to when you were a child. Each piece is a story, inevitably different for each person. Sometimes you have to bend down and squint to see what is inside. She's drawing you in, seducing you. With something so small and intimate, it's like she is telling you a secret. It's just between you and her.

Hope to see you at the show this Saturday night!

Some details...
Margie Criner - Mind Over Matter
Opening Reception - Saturday January 11, 6 – 8 pm
Exhibition - January 11 – February 22, 2020
Artist Talk - Saturday February 22 - 4 pm

Bert Green Fine Art
8 S Michigan Ave Suite 620 (map)
Gallery Hours: Fri + Sat 12 – 5 & by appointment

... Take the el train or a LYFT. Or park on Columbus behind the Art Institute and walk over. Or try to get lucky on Wabash.

Best, Aron

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