Ben Blount
Zach Mory
Hi Everyone,

I hope all is well for you and yours during this continuing tough road we are on. The time has come for me to cut my email list down quite a bit. I am going to go ahead and say goodbye to many of you. I hope you'll keep up with me on Facebook at my Aron Packer personal page. And of course also at my website which will have something new every month or so be it an auction reminder, or an online show we plan to have, or live shows which will eventually start up again.

Ben Blount's work is pictured above. I highly recommend going to his website and supporting his important letterpress work. will get you there.

Zach Mory's current work addresses the pandemic and I plan on doing an online slideshow with him soon. I'd been planning a gallery show with him for awhile now but well... you know…

Hunting Accident exhibition coming to Northern Illinois University in January 2021. Hopefully it will go on as scheduled.

As many of you know, I am currently working at Toomey & Co Auctioneers in Fine Art.

I am always looking for consignments in art of all genres.

[email protected] is where to find me there.

I think that's about it. I am on Instagram at packergallery, and also Twitter with a handle of @packergallery

If you've read this far, as I used to occasionally say,

I Love You.

Best, Aron

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