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Upcoming Summer Events!

Happy summer everyones... !

So a few great things coming up that I wanted to tell you about in chronological order... otherwise we will get confused.

Our band Sinner's Friend is playing a gig at Reggie's Rock Club at 2105 South State Street on Tuesday, July 30, 730 to 830 pm.

Don't be late... it's far depending on where you live. We will open for Mr. Blotto, a very well known Chicago band. Here's a link to our soundcloud page... This is our biggest gig to date so come on down. I'm sure it's not free so be prepared for that... and of course stay for Mr. Blotto! Reggieslive.com

The next exciting thing will be a Hunting Accident Exhibition at IU Northwest (Indiana University's Gary Campus). Details below. Come to the opening reception on the Saturday afternoon if you can make your way to Gary. The Gary Campus is a very short drive from city - right off 90/94. Come out for our show and then make your way to Harbor Country in Michigan: Three Oaks, Sawyer, Union Pier etc., or hang in Gary's Miller Beach, or go to Michigan City. Start your day with us and then scoot on to a lovely summer day. Come and see the first art exhibition of this compelling graphic novel with art by Landis Blair. More press release chatter below!

The Hunting Accident / First Chapter
Original Art from the Graphic Novel

Reception and Conversation / Saturday, August 3, 2019 at 2pm – 6pm featuring Aron Packer, Landis Blair, Charlie Rizzo and David L. Carlson

Location: IU Northwest / School of the Arts Gallery, Arts & Sciences Building, 3400 Broadway Avenue, 2nd Floor, Gary, IN 46408

I am thrilled to be curating an exhibition of "The Hunting Accident: A True Story of Crime and Poetry" at the School of the Arts Gallery at IU Northwest. I want to thank Dean David Klamen, Lauren M. Pacheco, Director of Arts Programming and Engagement and Cathy Feeman, Exhibitions Assistant for believing in this project and for understanding the multi-disciplinary impact for students, faculty, staff and the Northwest Indiana community.

Charlie Rizzo has been a friend and art collector. Landis Blair, while enrolled at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, once interned at my Chicago gallery many years ago. And I met David Carlson when this whole project started.

An exhibition of artwork from the graphic novel has been a work in progress and scheduled initially for my Lake Street gallery in Chicago.

Needless to say, "The Hunting Accident" since the very beginning, has been a massive collaboration across disciplines - visual, historical, the humanities, politics, and more. Landis Blair's artwork is a magnet for me. His illustrative contributions have brought to life a tale that seems almost unbelievable. "The Hunting Accident" is a visual and literary trip through time, nostalgia, and rabbit holes laced with pain and mystery, undeniable love and affection, poetry and crime, clarity and humanity.

The complete graphic novel is over 400 pages. Four hundred sixty-four pages to be exact. Given physical space limitations, as a curatorial direction, original pen and ink illustration storyboards from the first chapter, the first thirty-one pages, will be exhibited as an introduction to the story, and the characters. I hope that this presentation will tease viewers into picking up the book.

Other exhibit elements include three framed visuals critical to the book that serves to situate the viewer. These include Dante's Inferno, Panopticon, and the Joliet, Illinois Statesville Prison built in 1858. Nearby, artifacts and ephemera include - Matt Rizzo's braille typewriter and mug shot, a jail key, early storyboards, and sketchbooks, among other objects. I believe that fully understanding the hugeness of such an endeavor can be quite powerful for the viewer, especially those interested in the intersections of visual arts and storytelling. And so, the exhibition will feature a series of stop time-lapse videos of Blair Landis' art-making process while in the studio.

About The Book: "The Hunting Accident: A True Story of Crime and Poetry" is a graphic novel based on the true story of Matt Rizzo, a blind poet, convicted felon and cellmate of the infamous Nathan Leopold, who tells his son, Charlie Rizzo, about his secret life as a mobster in 1930s Chicago. www.thehuntingaccidentgraphicnovel.com

Writer: David L. Carlson has been a filmmaker, musician, car salesman, experience designer, and is the co-founder of Opera-Matic Company in Chicago. This is his first book.

Illustrator: Landis Blair is a pen and ink illustrator, known in the independent comic scene for his cross-hatched drawings and delightfully morbid picture books. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, his projects include "The Trial: A Choose Your Own Kafka Adventure," and "From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World to Find the Good Death."

Charlie Rizzo is the son of Matt Rizzo. He has spent the last 30 years attempting to tell his father's story. He also owns a glass art company in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood, Skyline Design.

Curators: Starting in the late '80s as an American folk art dealer, Aron Packer built his early career focusing on outsider and self-taught artists. Also exhibiting unusual objects such as sideshow banners, tattoo drawings, and wild looking magic tricks, his early venue was an apartment gallery, and he became known for a broad yet unusual vision. He added contemporary art and established his first public Gallery in 1992 in Wicker Park, joining an alternative gallery scene that included Beret International, Ten in One, and Oscar Friedl Gallery. As business forces changed over the past 25+ years, Packer migrated to locations in River North and the West Loop, continuing to expand his notable group of artists. In 2015 he closed Packer Schopf Gallery on West Lake Street after nearly a decade of ambitious shows.

Bert Green is the director of Bert Green Fine Art. He was a curator in Manhattan during the 80s, a noteworthy and particularly fertile period for artistic innovation and experimentation in Soho and the East Village. Moving to San Francisco in the 1990's, he spent eight years as a curator during a time of transition and expansion in the dot-com sector that had a significant impact on technology and the arts. The first BGFA gallery opened in Los Angeles in 1999, expanded to Downtown Los Angeles in 2004, and then relocated to Chicago in 2012 in an historic high rise on Michigan Avenue, across from Millennium Park.

Aron Packer Projects

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