Jason Lahr and Maria Tomasula get ready to rumble May 5th!

Hello! This Saturday, May 5th at 3 pm we present Jason Lahr in conversation with Maria Tomasula, the Michael P. Grace professor of Painting at Norte Dame. If you'd like to attend please rsvp to aronpacker@gmail.com. We will have a mini reception afterwards. The show is over May 19th so this is an opportunity see his lively window installation and his most recent work.

I was trying to figure out an analogy to speak about Jason's work in a non-polemic manner and the clearest one is food. Jason's work is like a Dagwood sandwich with lots of different slices and ingredients (bread, meats, cheeses, veggies, condiments, sauces, spices). When you take a bite out of one, you are like WTF is going on here... and then after chewing on it for a while ... you might decide that you like the weird combination of elements and textures. Or not. But the elements are always fun to see. The paintings ARE a lot to digest. When I start mentally dissecting why a painting employs Neil deGrasse Tyson, a Transformer, a pixelated "Death with a scythe", with some text sounding as if Elmore Leonard wrote it... along with colors that don't match, and shapes that make less sense... one might wonder what is behind it all. The grand point here is that the work is perfect and elegantly done. There is odd pleasure to be derived from Lahr's aesthetics, and with all the inelegant male culture out there these days... this IS an antidote. Come and taste the mind of Jason Lahr.

Jason Lahr / Head Glitch
Paintings on shaped panels
Through May 19, 2018

Jason Lahr was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania. He received his M.F.A. in drawing and painting from Penn State University and his B.F.A. in painting from Clarion University. His work is located in private and public collections across the U.S. and Europe. Since 2004, he has been represented by Aron Packer Projects in Chicago, IL.

This exhibition is made possible in part by support from the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, College of Arts and Letters, University of Notre Dame.

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