Opening Nov 11th, Kristin Mariani at Space 900
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Toile III, thread, cloth, and leather on canvas, 2016, 24 x 30"
Opening November 11th, Kristin Mariani at Space 900

Hello everyone and welcome to fall. We had a whirlwind of shows over the past few months and I want to remind you they are all on our website. I have to live through the interwebs as you know so please visit when in the visual mood, and when you might be looking for artwork to purchase. Peter Hurley's recent show just went up, and other shows like Rennie Sparks, Resurrection, and Pop-Up (Krista Hoefle, Nancy Mladenoff, Lorraine Peltz, Jennifer Yorke) are also there. I have many shows planned and as the months pass I hope you will be able to attend. The next one starts a week from this Friday in Evanston. Details below! Evanston is always a great place to visit. If you cannot make the Friday night opening, please come on Saturday or Sunday, and take a walk at the beautiful lakefront and visit the Block Gallery at Northwestern, or other shopping and restaurants etc.

WE ARE very excited to feature Kristin Mariani as our next project based exhibition. Mariani is a great stretch on our fiber continuum, as she works in something that sometimes qualifies as embroidery, but really pushes the boundaries of what working in cloth might be. Using pulled thread as line, she cross hatches her way to variations in identical and varied compositions. We will show 3 horizontal formats on canvas or board, segregated each to its own wall, along with a large-scale variation on canvas in a vertical format. The white cube of Space 900 will be a perfect venue to analyze this subtle work. We hope you can attend the artist's reception. There will also be an artist's talk on Sunday, November 13th at 3 PM.

Kristin Mariani is a Chicago based artist, designer, and dressmaker. In her art and design practice she investigates hidden layers of labor discovered inside found cloth and garments, incorporating physical responses to material that emphasize process, chance, and patience. She maintains an interdisciplinary practice between art and design, creating drawings and installations from the fragments and remnants of her dressmaking and deconstructions. In 2000 she founded her label RedShift; a line of contemporary couture created from salvaged materials and found garments. Her designs have been described as work "that elevates the unique and the unrepeatable, and openly acknowledges a connection to the material world of production and consumption."

Aron Packer Projects at Space 900 / Evanston / 1042 Wesley Ave
Material Becomes the Thing: Works in Cloth
Kristin Mariani / Artist's Reception: Friday, November 11, 6-9pm

Artist's Talk: Sunday, November 13, 3pm
Weekend Gallery Hours: Saturday-Sunday, November 12-13, 12-5pm

Aron Packer Projects    7445 N. Campbell Chicago, IL 60645

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