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Jason Lahr Catherine Jacobi Camille Iemmolo Lorraine Peltz

Hello everyone..... We seem to be very active these days... Just had a great SOFA show at Navy Pier in Chicago... And had our best booth... Ever! Upstairs our current show features two great fiber artists, Lucy Ruth Wright Rivers and Jerry Bleem. Downstairs we have two great tattoo related artists, Ellen Greene and Jeff Crisman.

We hope you can make it in, or check them out online.

December 5th - 9th... Packer Schopf Gallery is in Miami to do CONTEXT, a new fair put on in conjunction with Art Miami. For passes to the show Click here. Print accordingly....

Narcissus by Matthew Cox is pictured on it. The rest of the details are there... Address times, location number etc. .... We are the first stand to your left when you enter the show. Someone is paying attention! And Camille Iemmolo's Band-Aid House is to be right next to our booth.

We are bringing...
           Matthew Cox - embroidered X-rays of pop culture icons and mythic figures
           Brian Dettmer - dimensional sculpture made mostly from obsolete books... Brian is now in the Smithsonian Collection!
           Jim Dingilian - subtractive drawings made with smoke inside bottles
           Camille Iemmolo - poetic, punk, and obscure mixed media collage and sculpture
           Catherine Jacobi - body and nature driven sculpture made from recycled materials
           Jason Lahr - acid color paintings inhabited by rock stars, death metal logos, text, and 1980's plastic toys
           Lorraine Peltz - color fields, light, and pattern form the ground for chandeliers as expansive metaphor

Hope you can make it. Happy Winter!

Best, Aron

Packer Schopf Gallery    942 W. Lake St Chicago, IL 60607

Exhibition Run: November 2 - December 29     Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00am to 5:30pm

Contact Aron Packer at    Phone: 312.226.8984    Fax: 312.432.1235