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Hello everyone,

Here's an update on what Aron Packer Projects is up in the next few months. In December we have an amazing piece of folk art coming up for auction, details below. In February we're previewing some new work by Michael Dinges which will be appearing in his upcoming museum show in South Bend. Finally in April, we're working on a large group show at the Hammond Organ Factory!

As you can see I am keeping busy with gallery related things... but one thing I need to focus on in the new year is finding a full-time gig. I love working in the arts, of course, but perhaps there's work out there I don't know about or haven't considered. If you know of something I might be right for, please let me know. They say this is how it happens...ask your network... and up until now I haven't directly reached out to many people for guidance. Please email me with any ideas!

Folk Art Auction
This American Folk Art Hand-Embroidered Crossword Puzzle Fan (pictured above) is coming up for auction this weekend at RAGO Auctions in New Jersey... easy to contact them if you'd like to bid on it. Curious and Curiouser - Saturday, December 1st at 10AM EST. Better hurry though! You have to register before you can bid.

Check out the catalog here!

This black silk/satin embroidered crossword puzzle oversized fan has cryptic text and messages mixed into the meticulously hand-embroidered crosswords. The political rant in white thread is quoted directly from Washington's Farewell Address on the blades at the bottom of the fan. Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government. The piece is circa 1920's/30's. At the center of each crossword puzzle is a newsprint photograph of various important political figures, many of them presidents. The work is made from various silks and has machine stitching with the majority of the piece being hand-stitched. It's hard to say what the piece actually means, with so many cryptic aspects, but the fascination of the levels of text, be it the main quote or just the chosen words, will continue to fascinate forever.
Signed on verso (typed)
Jesse M Brown,1422 Wesley Avenue, Evanston, IL
12 panels with 3 portraits each panel, and each image has number, crossword puzzle, name, a word associated.

Finally when it comes to holiday shopping, we have so many good things for sale for the person who has everything. Brian Dettmer book sculptures? Michael Dinges engraved computers? Or Cassie Marie Edwards figurine paintings? There are any number of things listed on our site. Have a look! Email me and we'll chat it out.

The holiday season is just starting. I hope you have a most beautiful one!

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