HI everyone... Hope you can make our Aron Packer Projects debut in River North this Friday night. It's at the Chicago Gallery News space at 213 W. Institute Place on the 3rd floor. It's one block north of Chicago Ave between Wells and Franklin. If you are in River North please visit the show. Just one long block away from Superior and Franklin. This is the second time I am mounting Cassie's exhibition. I really think this work transcends it's subject matter.

Aron Packer Projects at Chicago Gallery News
Cassie Marie Edwards / Figurine II
213 W Institute Place
Reception: Friday, September 8th / 5 to 8 PM
September 8th to Oct 21st
Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Friday 12 to 4 pm or by appointment on Saturdays.

Cassie's work can be forward and cartoonish on first viewing. She's been obsessed with figurines since she was young. The compelling thing about her work is how she decides to paint these ephemeral porcelain sculptures. They are a blur between painting a still life of a single object and extracting out a portrait at the same time. Of course these Tchotkes don't have a beating heart... but in a way our culture gives them one. Cassie is looking for that beating heart, through light, form, and abstraction, putting forth her fresh visual observation upon her tiny little friends.

Cassie Marie Edwards is a Painter and Educator based in Oshkosh, WI. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Painting & Drawing from Northern Illinois University, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting & Drawing from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Currently she is an Instructor of Art at University of Wisconsin—Oshkosh and an Adjunct Online Professor at Dakota State University. Prior to her current positions, she was an Instructor of Record at Northern Illinois University in the School of Art.

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