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This is not a print show










Translated this means "This is not a print show." Get it? With that in mind, we are having a huge group print show featuring such print heavyweights as Tom Huck, Michael Krueger, and Teresa Mucha James. Tom Huck's large-scale woodblock prints are reminiscent of the underground comic imagery of the 60's and early 70's. Michael Krueger is inspired by his old high school ledger notebooks, intact with all the kind of doodling... race cars, marijuana symbols, women with big breasts,.... And Teresa Mucha James is the owner of White Wings Press. James fuses numerous influences: Folk Art, Victoriana, Renaissance painting; she succeeds in lending her subjects an air of peace and serenity. As a master printer, Teresa has worked with Tony Fitzpatrick, Ed Paschke, Martin Mull and many others.

Also Featuring... Ashley Nason, Karen Savage, Karen Hanmer, Rich Lehl, Ian Weaver, Julie Farstad, Chris Uphues, Tom Huck, Will Sturgis, Anna Kunz, Dennis Schommer, Matt Schommer, Jenny Schmid, Michael Krueger, and Jon LangfordMichael Krueger, Exhibition Announcement Original Art & Design