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Packer Schopf Gallery, Booth E- 205 at the Pulse/Miami Art Fair
December 2nd - December 5th

Featured Artists:
Brian Dettmer - Jaw dropping, beautifully crafted, high concept book sculpture commenting mostly on obsolete media. One of the best-known contemporary artists working with books today. Google him.

Renee McGinnis - McGinnis records the most powerful force on Earth by painting its ruined superstructures. They serve as beautiful warnings to us all, speaking visually about humanity, triumph, and tragedy and how these dualities co-exist.

Ian Weaver - Weaver’s work is informed by history, memory, identity, mythology, and anthropology. Weaver executes in many different materials and all elements have a constructed narrative and provenance. Weaver had his first solo museum exhibition at the Saint Louis Art Museum this past year.

Michael Ferris Jr - Oversize inlaid sculpture of heads, sort of like everyman Buddhas… also beautifully rendered process drawings for sculpture prep and study. His aim is to express the psychological and spiritual complexity of his subject by creating a dialogue regarding the use of recycled wood.

Diem Chau - poetic embroidery over simple porcelain plates using silk organza and thread. Chau creates delicate vignettes of fleeting memory, gesture and form, resulting in works that combine egalitarian sensibility and minimalist restraint.

Andrea Stanislav - work is informed by a synthesis of elements mined from concepts of dystopia, film, pop culture and the baroque, minimalism and pop. The work exhibited here uses industrial glitter grounding pop imagery to mind-altering visual effect.

David Buckingham - recycled and welded metal work often using text, geometric abstraction, and weaponry. Roaming abandoned factories, gritty industrial areas, dodgy neighborhoods, and low deserts of Southern California, this found metal is carted to a dusty studio in downtown Los Angeles where they are muscled into works of art with a bewildering array of power tools and sheer force of will.

Michael Dinges - Masterly engraved dead Apple laptops, done in a scrimshaw style, comment on globalization, our failing economy, and other subtle notions.

Louise LeBourgeois- Sublime and dramatic images of water, sky and surreal landscape.

PULSE Miami is located at The Ice Palace Studios - 1400 North Miami Avenue - Wynwood Art District - Miami, FL. For further information and shuttle bus timetable, please visit: http://www.pulse-art.com

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