October 17 - November 15
Domestic Product
Hand carved wood/acrylic, embroidery
Laurel Roth (The Lab)






Domestic Product is a study of biology, science, and evolution as seen from the home. It's an examination of our own biology as well as our relationship to the plants and animals we sponsor as companions or food. A new series based on the bones of food animals uses finely polished wood, crystal, and gold to highlight the sacred and profane aspects of food in an age of industrial agriculture. Another series of designer pet skulls titled Ĺ’Man's Best Friend' emphasize man's hand in the design and creation of his environment and its inhabitants. Each is realistic in form but hand carved from solid industrial acrylic block and painstakingly polished to a clear, high gloss resembling crystal. Additionally, Roth has been relearning embroidery and crochet techniques and has begun filling her own "hope chest" with off-kilter reflections on biology, fertility, and the ever-changing roles of women. By using the convergence of biology and product design to create new cultural artifacts, mankind's drive to modify itself as well as its environment is examined.

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