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andreas stanislav





Packer Schopf Gallery is pleased to present the second exhibition by Andréa Stanislav -- Wilderness of Mirrors. Taking its title from a line in the T.S. Elliot poem, Gerontion, (1920), Andréa's work for this exhibition confronts the idea of non-places -- interchangeable nodes of hyper capitalism dedicated to consumption and transit. Each non-place is disturbingly similar, whether in London, Dubai or Tokyo -- airports -- duty free shops -- chain restaurants and similar interchangeable spaces devoid of ties to community or locale.

This concept was developed by the French anthropologist, Marc Agué in his seminal text, Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity (1995). This exhibition continues the artist's endeavor of interrogating global political and cultural tensions through a lens of the abstract and the sublime.

Andréa Stanislav has exhibited nationally and internationally including major museums, galleries and public commissions. This solo exhibition for the Packer Schopf Gallery includes new glitter constructions and new sculpture.