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Tim Vermeulen






Moby Dick, considered by many the "great American novel," is one of the strangest productions in the history of all the arts. This sprawling novel encompasses all of the contrasts of human experience: life/death, salvation/damnation, good/evil, man/nature, etc. From this tome, Vermeulen has selected a few iconic passages that carry a personal resonance. The images based on these passages are small, figurative, autobiographical narratives. The artist places himself within this narrative and sets the story in a contemporary context. The images refer to issues that may be personal, social, political, and/or religious, and the dramas may symbolize internal states, social conflicts, and past traumas. While the settings are often familiar, there are unsettling, disquieting circumstances that speak to the mysterious and contradictory nature of existence. Objects, settings, and human interactions carry symbols of the subconscious and collective memory.