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Harry Young






The Harry Young collection includes hundreds of handmade figures on cardboard that were found in a large wooden box with "Harry Young, 38 Inkerman, St. Thomas, ON" scratched on the inside. The box includes over 350 cardboard figures of cowboys, lawmen and horses. The vast majority are hand drawn. There are a handful of figures that have "collage" faces, which are cut from newspaper ads for cowboy movies. The box also contains a lot of other miscellaneous items, including a wearable Marshall's badge and a small, handwritten book of "laws," which establishes rules for cowboy life, morality and justice. (This work is an amazing outsider art discovery. This is the first time it will be exposed. We will have formal framed pieces, along with various ephemera from the complete collection. The work visually looks like a mix between Henry Darger and James Castle, with a leaning towards the Wild West.)