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In Steve Seeley's third show at the gallery, we see him continue his marathon obsession with the flip of things and subjects related to his interest in the comic book world. This whole body of work is the next chapter in a more than a decade long story told through paintings and art installations. The expansive story is called The Delicate Matter, and is the story of man leaving behind everything to find solace in outer space. Once there, he longs to return to earth only to find out that animal-kind no longer needs him and has, for all intents and purposes, filled his shoes. They have taken to ruling the world through pop culture, celebrity, and heavy metal.

The Unknown Black Darkness of the Shadows is the newest series of paintings further depicting the story of Man's struggle to regain his position back on Earth after his extended sabbatical in space. This specific body of works reveals The Ambassadors, various animals sent to communicate with man through the usage of vintage comic logos and fonts. This show also introduces The Peace Bearers, man's desperate attempt at reconciliation by way of cartoon violence and celebrity icons.

Steve Seeley was born in a small Wisconsin town in 1979. After receiving a BFA in printmaking from the University of Wisconsin in 2001, he moved to Columbus to continue his studies and earned an MFA in printmaking. He has since moved to Chicago where he continues to make work inspired by his life-long interest in action figures, comic books, and pop culture.