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wayne white - Spark in the Void






Beauty is Embarassing Trailer

As an artist Wayne White is known for his paintings of faux 3D visual text over second-hand, mass-produced lithographs. Non-sequitur phrases, and distorted advertising blurbs are executed Ruscha-esque style into inside jokes and non-jokes. The result is stimulating with the juxtaposition of painting versus text. In addition to his activities as a visual artist, White has acted as illustrator and cartoonist for several publications, and as director, producer, writer, designer, and puppeteer for Pee-wee's Playhouse. He is also well known for his commercial work and music videos, including art direction for the Smashing Pumpkins music video Tonight Tonight, and art direction for Peter Gabriel's music video Big Time. Wayne White lives and works in LA. A full color monograph on the artist is available, produced and edited by Todd Oldham. We are very excited for White's solo debut in Chicago. Wayne White / courtesy Western Project / Los Angeles