May 26 - July 8, 2006

Robin Assner (Gallery Two)






Robin Assner directs models to cover their entire body with food, and then photographs the fusion between their bodies and the food substance. Plastered peanut butter, greasy mozzarella cheese, and smooth, glistening vanilla pudding envelops body parts revealing slivers of flesh, clues that there are human beings behind the thick, lavish materials. We are not supposed to rub food over our naked bodies. Food should enter our mouths for digestion and nourishment, not as decoration, clothing, or play material. The act of transforming food into something inedible fascinates Assner because it creates a delusion that parallels her own relationship with food.

In Assner's new work, she is interested in the union of organic and inorganic objects and uses Marshmallow Fluff as a metaphor for skin because it demonstrates the suppleness and adaptability of it. Marshmallow Fluff helps create the union between the natural and the inert by its dense, gelatinous consistency metamorphisizing and overwhelming the human and object into one. The photographs depict a state where whatever you touch or lick becomes a part of you, and there is little distinction between subject and background and between human and environment. By using this artificial, sticky substance to create this unnatural act, Assner exaggerates the human form, creating a new, visceral creature, neither human nor object, but a distortion of both.

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