December 9 - January 14
California Screaming (new work from Los Angeles)
Reworked Metal

David Buckingham (Gallery Two)





For David Buckingham Los Angeles is the subject matter, and old battered colorful metal is the medium, but... this artist goes far beyond simple "found object" work. He roams windblown alleys, abandoned factories, gritty industrial areas, and the high deserts of Southern California to acquire his raw materials. He's in search of the cast away, the discarded, the abandoned--things that have had a previous life and have the scars to prove it. Old 55-gallon barrels, farm equipment, road signs, and tractor parts are carted to his downtown Los Angeles studio where he muscles them into works of art with a bewildering array of power tools and sheer force of will.

Inspired by visual colloquialisms --street gangs, hand signs, handguns, muscle car logos, and text- Buckingham translates a lifetime of images pounded into him since he was young. Combining elegant decay with his own high / low vision, he creates his own specific vernacular.

942 W. Lake St.
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