July 16 - August 21, 2004
Paintings and Ink Drawings

David Carter (Gallery Two)







Curious biomorphic shapes filled with strange squiggles and forms populate the drawings and paintings of David Carter. The imagery filling them looks like they are growing-- expanding, evolving, and undulating as if being viewed under a microscope. The detailed minutiae living within each shape repeat from one piece to the next, while being unique to each piece. Bordering on "horror vaccui" commonly seen in visionary or outsider art, each shape is nearly filled to capacity with tiny details, leaving only small areas where they have yet to multiply.

Carter's pieces are contradictory. They are elegant and awkward in turns. While evocative and full of organic references, the images also play tricks and negate these kinds of readings. Shapes at one moment suggest depth and volume, then flatten and become pure pattern and design the next. Though this body of work began long before, it is no small coincidence that Carter recently became a father, witnessing first-hand the birth of his son, inspiring the title, Gestation.

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