January 20 - February 25, 2006

Hank Feeley (Gallery One)





Colorfully imagined and poetically composed, Hank Feeley paints with an eye to the heroic, eternal quality of the common, everyday signs and symbols which add up to a measure of our culture and the larger truths about our society.

Feeley's themes, like his canvases, are big; a reflection on and a reaction to the enigmatic world we live in. Like our intellect that sorts through the cacophony to arrive at coherent interpretation, his paintings assemble a miscellany of disjunctive visual information into a congruent, fantastic entity.

The imagery in any one of his paintings, is a collage of profuse visuals from TV news, billboards, cartoon characters, junk mail, doodles, package goods, textiles, internet pop-up ads, to pizza boxes and even liquid refreshments. The painting styles run the gamut from abstraction to zines. The engaged viewer will also find subtle reference to literary and art history.

The work is multivalent and paradoxical. This is a mysterious alchemy combining logic with wackiness, precision with ambiguity, the profound with the sophomoric; and Feeley brings it all off with a provocative, emotionally grabbing, aesthetically appealing virtuosity. The whole becomes more than the sum of its parts.

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