Aaron Kramer

February 14 - March 15
Mixed Media

Aaron Kramer (Gallery Two)



Birth... the end result is a delicate thing, but to get there takes time, and is finalized in a powerful event. Nascent visually presents some of these stages. Imagine... germinating and gestating seeds, pods, and cocoons, waiting in an embryonic state. Kramer's sculptures are on their way to an imaginary higher end.

The process begins with natural and man-made cast-offs. Kramer channels the inner power of his chosen materials. Sometimes, they've been sitting in the studio for years. Or, he might be walking his dog and see something in an alleyway, sparking an idea from an individual find. Medium and composition work in tandem. Visualization of a group of found objects, or a single small piece conceives something fresh. He savors the journey - the act of art making is a maze to wander.

A great example is a major work in the show -- Grub -- it's a large scale, curved shape, almost like a backwards C. It's two-thirds street sweeper bristles and one-third coffee stirrers. These materials are woven onto an armature individually, as if the wood is slowly being transformed into metal or visa versa. A continual metamorphosis is presented via a stationary sculpture.

Another yet untitled work is a grouping of found honey boxes linked to each other. This body is about ten feet long, and the boxes together undulate a bit like a snake or river path. At one end is a vintage Victrola cone speaker, and at the other are altered found object wood forms. The essence of this piece is strange and compelling. Maybe it's a giant larva, about to change into a dragonfly from a parallel future.

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