October 19 - November 24
Kirlian Photographs, Miracle Pennies & the Burden of Proof
Nate Larson (The Lab)








Larson uses visual and textual narrative and explores the way that we construct meaning in contemporary culture through the lenses of religion, consumer behavior, and secular mythologies. These stories weave tales of ordinary days gone peculiar, obsessive methods of analysis and insignificant objects that suddenly take on extraordinary significance. Miraculous pennies arrive in the mail, healing spells transfer through television programming and fortune cookie numbers win the lotto. Through this darkly humorous storytelling he dissects the line between belief and skepticism, while examining ideas of personal truth and common misperceptions surrounding photographic documents.

The newest body of work in the show features Kirlian photography. This process uses electricity rather than light to make contact images on photographic media. Pioneered by the Russian-born inventor Semyon Kirlian in 1939, it was a tremendous phenomenon of the time. By illuminating the electrical field around an object, the aura is recorded as multicolored emanations on paper. A well-known example of a Kirlian Photo is an image of a glowing hand featured in the opening title sequence for the The X-Files. Larsonís promotional postcard deadpans the Kirlian examination of a Twinkie!

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