March 25, - April 23, 2005

Peggy Macnamara (Gallery One)








There's something captivating about peering into a bird's nest. It's as though you alone are privileged with such a close encounter with nature. Peggy Macnamara brings this intimate moment to life in her newest solo exhibition at Aron Packer Gallery. This show encompasses a wide range of nests in the animal kingdom--from an ant's meandering tunnels to the simplicity of an eagle's nest constructed of twigs and branches. Within these paintings Macnamara includes " the story of the nest," which explains how and why these animals construct their homes. The images become biographical as narratives are paired with precise portraits of the builders and their homes.

Without overwhelming the viewer with superfluous imagery, Macnamara's vibrant coloration brings to life creatures that captivate her interest. On many of these paintings, nests appear on the page with the animal that acts as builder and resident. One example displays the root-like structure of an ant colony as well as an ant that aided in its construction. These creatures build complex tunnels not unlike that of a deconstructivist architect; they mesh nature into an underground, instinctive abstraction. Capturing scientific observation with artistic license, Macnamara's paintings exude an elegance setting them apart from mere representation.

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