June 6 - July 5
Great Investment Potential

Mitch O'Connell (Gallery One)







A Chicago favorite, Mitch O'Connell brings his literally wild and wacky vision to Aron Packer Gallery for the first time. Mitch illustrates for such giants as Playboy, Rolling Stone and The New Yorker, while also exhibiting his personal art in galleries around the world.

His subject matter is heavily influenced by the oddball and offbeat aspects of American culture including everything from Keane's big eyed kids to 1960's nudist parks. He is capable of mixing many inspirations adeptly, putting everything in a blender and making it come out his own.

Two books of Mitch's art have been published, "Good Taste Gone Bad" and "Pwease Wuv Me". Reviewers wrote, "His art snap crackles and pops with sex, iconography and black velvet paintings"-The Boston Globe and "Bewitching Kitsch!"-Village Voice. He also has his own line of tattoo flash displayed in 100's of tattoo shops. Tabu Tattoo magazine described him as "One of the defining artists of his generation."

In addition to his paintings a new feature on display will be a series of painted "lighted scenic moving pictures".

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942 W. Lake St.
p 312.226.8984, c 773.458.3150
f 312.226.8985
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