Somewhat Small

December 13 - February 8, 2003
somewhat small works
(a group show)

Somewhat Small (Gallery Three)
Jennifer Blazina
cast glass envelopes with ethereal images silk-screened onto them

Laura Davis
pop culture imagery meticulously collaged on matchbooks, inside and out

Brian Dettmer
vintage comic pulp serial novels with their text and images excavated, revealing something new

Jenny Laden
contemporary imagery of women, influenced by anime and
stylized cartoons, painted on plaster (as in frescoes)

Lucy Ruth Wright Rivers
hair sculptures ornamented with woven wire and beads

Katherine Schroedter
hand carved hairstyles from Ivory soap bars

Friese Undine
hand-sewn puppets with striped outfits, along with pairs,
one holding a machine gun, the other with a target on its belly

Miranda Zimmer
Ralph Lauren paint samples folded with paint creating a Rorschach,
detailed with small dots in a hypnotic fashion

Teresa Mucha
embossed tin frames with oval memorial drawings of winged hands

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