July 15 - August 20, 2005
Lush Life

Betsy Stirratt (Gallery One)








When experiencing Betsy Stirratt's latest work, one might feel as if they are peering into a microscope and telescope simultaneously. When looking closely, the forms appear as simple abstract shapes and patterns. By using an anchoring image, such as a blossom, a plant, or a cloud form, Stirratt alludes to the interaction between nature and science. Using techniques such as glazing, stenciling, and stippling, Stirratt draws attention to how a painting comes into being.

With Stirratt's art, process is an important factor in each painting. The artist often utilizes stencils, which result in the familiar patterns we see in the work; in the foreground, organic shapes appear, drawn from real and imagined images. Each painting is transformed through several stages to create space and an environment extending beyond the frame into infinity. One notes by the presence of many layers in the work, conception is not static but full of movement and spontaneity. Surface awareness and deep space occur in all of the works, with the use of reflective glazes and matte paint.

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